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In 1985 France Télécom earned 620 million francs (approximately million) from Minitel.

2,000 private companies earned 289 million francs (about million) during the year; Libération earned 2.5 million francs (about 0,000) from the service in September.

The rates depended on the service called; most services were far cheaper than this maximum.

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The main uses were banking and financial services, which benefit from Minitel's security features, and access to professional databases.France Télécom retired the service on 30 June 2012.In 1978 France Télécom, the country's PTT, began designing the Minitel network.In December 1985 Minitel users made more than 22 million calls, up 400% in one year.In 2005, there were 351 million calls for 18.5 million hours of connection, generating €206 million of revenue, of which €145 million were redistributed to 2,000 service providers (these numbers were declining at around 30% per year).

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