Carbon dating not useful artifacts made metal

The figure was found in six pieces about 3 meters (9 ft) under the cave floor amid animal debris, worked bone, and ivory and flint-knapping debris.

The Hohle Fels caverns contain plentiful evidence of prolonged prehistoric human occupation and has been the site of numerous finds, including the Lion Man figure.

The half-life of a radioactive isotope expresses the time needed for a sample of that isotope to reach half of its original mass.

So, if you're dealing with a sample of carbon-14, you know that it's going to take 5,730 years for that sample to reach half of the mass it started with.

Like most Venus figurines, it depicts a voluptuous women with exaggerated, pronounced breasts and buttocks, and a massive, protruding vulva.

Notice that the problem doesn't provide an initial mass, which means that it's not important in the calculations.

We humans have a special kind of awe for the oldest examples of the fruits of our creativity and intelligence.

Like many similar statuettes, this one had no head, but it has a carved ring above the left shoulder with worn surfaces that suggest it was worn as a necklace.

The number of figures found to date and the care our ancestors took in making them suggests that they were extremely important to early humans.

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