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He was likely standing erect and facing south to Jerusalem when he was blinded by the light of Christ and fell to the ground.

Quite an appropriate time to have an encounter with God, wouldn’t you say?

Friends, on the question of whether Judge Moore ever assaulted anyone this is a railroad job pure and simple.

Did Moore seek dates with legal teenagers, yeah, I believe that.

Soon after, France enacted a law banning the export of such treasures.” “Gavin was so enamored with St.

Each of the three accounts of Saul’s miraculous conversion (Acts 9:3-4, 22:6-7, -14) asserts that Saul, upon seeing the light from heaven, fell to the ground.

Most people assume that because Saul was en route to Damascus, he must have been traveling by horse at the very moment when the heavenly light appeared. Luke, the author of Acts, in two of his three accounts of the conversion of Saul, furnishes us with a clue that sheds light on what Saul was more than likely doing when he fell to the ground. “As I made my journey and drew near to Damascus, about noon a great light from heaven suddenly shone about me.

By 1966, the chapel doors swung open.” “Ever since, the chapel has been a magnet, especially in times of joy and sorrow.

It has been the site of emotional candlelit vigils and of political protests.

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