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Source: Homeless Hub The Homeless Hub is a web-based research library and information centre representing an innovative step forward in the use of technology to enhance knowledge mobilization and networking.

Canadian Observatory On Homelessness Observatory On Homelessness The Canadian Observatory on Homelessness is a non-profit, non-partisan research institute that is committed to conducting and mobilizing research so as to contribute to solutions to homelessness.

L'Institut Vanier de la famille vous invite à sa Conférence sur les familles au Canada 2015 les 10 et 11 juin 2015 à Ottawa La Conférence sur les familles au Canada 2015 est organisée par l’ Institut Vanier de la famille, et permettra de réunir des leaders inspirants dans le but de mieux comprendre les familles et la vie de famille au Canada.

April 9, 2014 Study after study shows that public spending on child care should be a top priority.

Despite all the evidence, the federal Conservative government persists on ineffective high-cost proposals such as income-splitting and the Universal Child Care Benefit.

In 2011, the Harper conservatives made an election pledge that they would allow couples with children under 18 to split up to ,000 of their income each year for tax purposes. Menchini (2012), ‘ Child Deprivation, Multidimensional Poverty and Monetary Poverty in Europe’ Innocenti Working Paper 2012-02 UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre (Florence) The Innocenti Research Centre (IRC) was established in Florence, Italy in 1988 to strengthen the research capability of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and to support its advocacy for children worldwide.

Ontario taps Hamilton groups to help with recruitment for basic income study Intentional neglect or callous oversight?All of our publications are available to download electronically. Annonce (600 mots) et chiffres : les familles et les loisirs actifs au Canada (mise à jour de 2017).Nouvelle ressource, publication (700 mots) Appel à tous – Symposium du Canada atlantique sur les familles, la mobilité et le travail.This would reduce what the household would pay in taxes to the Canada Revenue Agency. Canada can do more to protect its children from poverty, new UNICEF report TORONTO, May 29, 2012 A new report released by UNICEF today comparing child poverty in 35 industrialized countries reveals Canada could be doing more to protect its children.The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) study, Income Splitting in Canada: Inequality by Design (see the link below), showed Canadians that the Conservative plan to extend income splitting to families with children under 18 would provide no benefit to 86 per cent of all families. (...) from UNICEF’s Research Office reveals Canada’s child poverty rate is higher than Canada’s overall national poverty rate.

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