Dating nightmares and how to handle them

maybe you should read up about dreams ive myself been plagued with terrifying nightmares all my life and they say that all that nightmares are is a way of dealing with whats going in your waking life ive learned how to deal with things better they say the best thing to do is to keep a dream journal to try to figure out a pattern but i strongly recommend to read up on dreams it should help...Last year for a while I had nightmares a couple times a week.Guys that outright say they are just looking to hook up – left.Guys that are looking for a sugar baby – my pride says no, but any girl would be lying if she said her bank account didn’t hesitate, but still – left. While on the topic of photos – there has only been one guy that I swiped right to that did not have a single picture of himself.Therefore any site that allows me to, I put an age minimum requirement to contact me (no maximum though…? If I start texting someone on Monday and they’re free to meet up for a drink after work – sure!) I have met a few that were under my 35 rule, but by a few, I mean 1. I don’t need to wait until Tuesday or any other day.If I put on Happn that I’m up for grabbing a drink and someone happens to be near me and is too – sure!I mean what’s the fun in long drawn out texting relationships if you’re never going to meet?

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But the standard left applies if someone has memes or logos or blurry, taken from behind them, landscape shit.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Having a photographic memory and doing the work I used to do left lots of room for unpleasent nightmares which would probably make most people mad.

Growing up I could count how many nightmares I have had on one hand, but since we split I have been having many bad dreams. Problem is, it's kind of like trying to tell someone how to wiggle their ears. One of the most amazing things for me with my ex something I don't know that she ever really understood or appreciated was that I could sleep peacefully when she was near.

Obviously when online dating, you have to find the other person attractive – I don’t swipe right if I don’t find them attractive, that’s stupid.

Plus, they need to be taller than me – this one sometimes bites me because I will start talking to a guy and actually want to meet him but at that point, I’m too far in to be like – ‘hey how tall are you?

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