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It offers a 7-step system to shift your mindset and give you the courage to take action and change your life.Some of the areas covered include: - Understanding what women want and desire - How to build an attractively awesome social life - Creating the perfect first, second, and third date - Building a mindset of abundance: meeting women - Unleashing the man within by deepening your masculine polarity - Go from getting her phone number to easily setting up the first date - How to be a ‘grounded’ man and create a happy and loving relationship The Grounded Man - The Importance of Self-Reliance in Men - Your Purpose is Everything - You Are What You Value - It’s About Building Momentum - Always Invest in Yourself - Building an Awesome Social Life - Deepen Into Your Masculine Polarity The Internal Mindset - You Are Enough - Love Yourself More Than Anyone in the World - Unleash Your Values onto Others - Always Be Having Fun - Freedom from Outcome Will Set You Free - Walking the World with Absolute Abundance - Be Entitled to What You Want Understanding What Women Want - Value, Money, and Physical Looks - Emotions vs.She needs to be complete in and of herself, and enter into a relationship with a man who is also complete. Building a stable and whole relationship requires two whole people coming together.

It's enough to make you believe that true love no longer exists in the modern world, doesn't it?

Most of the time, the feeling of being "in love" dissipates from your relationship.

When that happens, you become dissatisfied with your relationship, and you experience unnecessary pain and heartbreak as a result. Perhaps one of the most important lessons you can ever learn about being, and staying, in love for life -- and for keeps -- is this: Never confuse the feeling of being "in love" with love. Those who know me know that I prefer dispensing relationship advice through storytelling because I believe the fictional approach is a more effective way of teaching lessons about life and love than the textbook approach.

Andrew Ferebee offers a playbook for men to go from being a single man to having the woman of your dreams.

He teaches you how to turn fear of rejection into your ally and eliminate approach anxiety, including actionable content.

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