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If you are receiving mail from one of the mailing lists, there should be absolutely no reason that you would be unable to unsubscribe yourself from the list, except for your ability to follow these directions.However, if you find yourself unable to unsubscribe from the mailing list, send an email to .The email address will be encoded in the 'Return-Path' header with the @-sign replaced with an equals (=) sign.For example, if the subscribed email address is option. Type 'E' to exit 'Config', and 'Y' to save changes.I have always stressed that Image is a very important factor in one’s personality.It showcases who you are or want to be perceived as. “The man makes the clothes.” “Fake it ’til you make it.” “The exterior world mirrors the interior world.” Today, Rachel Esco, a stylish lifestyle writer from Canada give her thoughts and tips on the Image Guide for Dating.

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First off, if your email address has changed since you subscribed, don't panic!

The wrong haircut or an overdone pair of shoes, can quickly put you into the hostile category of guys to avoid.

To ensure you’re making the right image choices, follow this guide based on the female perspective.

(This is determined using the SMTP "envelope sender", not the 'From:' or any other header in your email.

So you may not have changed anything, it may have been a change to your mail server or at your ISP.) To determine what email address is subscribed to the mailing list that you are receiving the messages from, you'll need to inspect the headers of one of those messages.

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