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“Obviously my fiancé is not happy about the delay‚ but he understands‚” the singer assured us. Until Zahara’s schedule can be managed‚ she’s hoping that she’ll be able to keep to the August date.

The age difference doesn’t change anything — Ian is very mature and he respects me so much‚” she said.

The singer also revealed that glitzy TV show has offered to help her with the wedding, because they want to cover it.

Even though there’s been a setback with the date it doesn’t mean that its off for good, Zahara is hoping her big day will happen by August.

As reported by Tshisa LIVE last week Zahara found love in Ian’s arms after she split from radio personality Amaza Ntshanga‚ who she was engaged to.

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At the time Zahara said that she had found out about her engagement through the media and cheekily congratulated herself.

She has tried to keep details about her upcoming nuptials out of the public eye but confirmed to Tshisa LIVE that the wedding has been put on hold for “various reasons.” She explained that much to her fiancé’s disappointment‚ her busy schedule and plans for the year have forced her to slow down on her wedding preparations.

She then tried to hide the rock on her finger but Zahara couldn’t hide the happiness on her face no matter how hard she tried.

When rumours that Amaza had popped the question first surfaced last year‚ Zahara laughed off the claims during various interviews.

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