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At this stage, and in most cases (unless the business has violated the terms of service of their card association), you will be able to present evidence to the acquirer proving that the transaction in question is legitimate.The evidence required will be dependent upon the reason for the chargeback.Discover, for example, prohibits businesses from contacting customers who have disputed a transaction.Another VERY important note: a customer's bank will refund the balance of a disputed transaction as soon as the customer initiates a chargeback. Acquiring banks deduct the amount of the disputed transaction from your account, at which point it's up to you to either accept the chargeback or to plead your case.My company has a Credit Information Sheet, can I just send that to you? I have a credit account with Copper and Brass Sales, do I need to fill out a separate application for Online Metals? If you have an account with Copper and Brass Sales that is in good standing, we should be able to offer your company credit terms as well. We are a completely separate company, so we ask that you send payments for Online Metals separately to the remittance address on the invoice only.Absolutely, however, we do still need a signed credit application with your company name and info completed at the top as well. However, we will still need a signed credit application on file as we are a separate legal entity. Combining payments will significantly delay your payment and could result in your account being placed on credit hold. Feel free to call the credit department at 1.855.852.7223 or customer service for questions about orders at 1.800.704.2157.This article aims to give more details about chargebacks, why they happen, and how you can prevent them.For most transactions, customers have 120 days from the sale or when they discovered a problem with the product to dispute a charge.

The entire process will be detailed in the next section, but it's worth noting here that resolving these disputes can sometimes take more than two months — Pay Pal, for example, advises that the whole process can take up to 75 days.Credit card chargebacks happen when a customer, for any number of reasons (ranging from fraudulent use of a card to dissatisfaction with the good or service received), disputes a credit card transaction through her issuing bank.The chargeback process is designed to increase consumer confidence — it's very easy for credit card users to dispute charges, while businesses and banks have to do all of the legwork to figure out whether or not a transaction is legitimate.Even when a dispute is unsuccessful, the acquiring bank will withhold payment for any chargebacks until the matter is resolved.Add in the fees charged by banks and processors, and even disputes which turn out in your favor can be expensive.

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