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The difficult part after understanding your spouse’s primary and secondary love language is figuring out how to fill their love tank when their love language isn’t yours.

Because it won’t come naturally to you and you will have to work at it.

But priority time means smaller time slots each day, such as having dinner together, taking a brief walk, spending time talking, playing a game, or watching a favorite program together.

We realize that people are different and there are different lifestyles and different areas of the country. Married over 30 years, the parents of two adult daughters and five grandchildren, Dr.But here's the deal: Now that you're married, you need to do the same thing! And that's why dating shouldn't stop with marriage. It means you're going to have to make your marriage and your spouse a priority.Dating your mate will help the two of you begin to reconnect, rekindle the romance in your relationship, and pull your marriage out of the rut it's stuck in. And that's why we want to help you get motivated to start dating your mate again, by coaching you on how to get the ball rolling.As we get older and go through seasons in life, our personalities and goals will evolve.Also, why do the fun things we did before we got married stop after we live together?

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