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In July 2000, while over here to tour 'Brutal Planet', Alice recorded four tracks for sister show 'Top Of The Pops 2'.

So far only School`s Out and Elected have been transmitted, the other two songs being new tracks from the album ('Blow Me A Kiss' and 'Gimme'?

As for her past, well, she’s had no contact with Rad or Mateen since suing. Rad, who received additional criticism for doodling Barry Diller’s initials in the shape of a penis during a meeting with the honcho, was ousted from his CEO position in November.Wolfe won’t comment on her lawsuit, but she does say that in the startup world, “It’s better for women to hold their ground.Today, Wolfe mans a predominantly female 12-person pack at Bumble, including former Kardashian business director Jennifer Stith, and a female coder who moonlights as a professional model.Bumble has hundreds of thousands of users, according to the entrepreneur, and “around 12 percent week-over-week growth.” When she’s not jetting among London, LA and New York, Wolfe’s cozying up with boyfriend Herd, whom she met skiing in Aspen last Christmas. .” After all, with Bumble, she’s already having the last laugh.

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