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Of course we still wanted to rip off each other's clothes at that point. I began a reporting journey around the world, during which I crowdsourced answers to the question of how to be a wife.We maintained that intensity and fervor as we prepared to walk down the aisle nine months after the day we met, a new hot-and-heavy record for me. A married-sex rut would be even worse than a dating-sex rut. I interviewed hundreds of women across 20 countries, ostensibly talking about marriage, but more often talking about sex.They live in a single room with multiple children, and their schedule can revolve around up to four other wives."How do you have good sex with the kids around all the time? The women got quiet for a beat, and I worried I'd overstepped. "You American women get married and you get rid of the sexy lingerie and start walking around in sweatpants and peeing with the door open." She said the word .

I had to learn everything from experience, and it’s been a blast.They told me I was committing a cardinal sin in my relationship.I'd expected a good amount of sex advice from the French.But, I swear, every time I've attempted it, Nick has started a conversation with me.And, truth be told, the bathroom really is incredibly small.

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