Official records of the union and confederate navies online dating

Other senators argued the cost would be in the millions and the printed documents would cover as much as 500 volumes.Despite opposition, a new resolution was signed by President Andrew Johnson on July 27, 1866.The following book is an alphabetical list of ships with the date span of their logbooks available at the National Archives. The 128 bound books have been hyped as “the single most valuable, most-quoted, and most sought-after source of Civil War history,” and “the most notable publication of its kind in America…Major George Breckenride Davis served as president of the Board of Publication.

A three man Board of Publication, with a military president, was set-up for the remaining work.Each volume passed under his “personal examination.”A revised General Index volume was printed in 1902.The publication had taken nearly forty years from the concept to its end and cost over three million dollars.or …the world.” Together with the General-in-Chief Henry Wager Halleck initiated the project when he found it difficult to compile his 1863 annual report.Halleck recommended organizing and publishing Civil War official documents and reports.

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