Updating ps3 via cd

These extra buttons include and buttons (on both sides, located near the T and M buttons), RL button (located under the gun's magazine) and pump-action mechanism (located under the barrel) which both can be used to reload (or alternately may serve another function depending on future game design), 3-setting Firing Rate control, M-button lock, and secondary M button (located below the Trigger) for easy access. The "Play Station Move Racing Wheel" utilises the motion tracking capabilities of the Move controller to steer vehicles in video games and also features vibration feedback, paddle-style gear shifters and twist throttle controls.The peripheral is officially supported by Killzone 3, Dead Space: Extraction, SOCOM 4: U. It supports games like Little Big Planet Karting, Gran Turismo 5, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, Burnout Paradise, and Motor Storm: Apocalypse., The Shoot, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, Time Crisis: Razing Storm, Tumble, and TV Superstars.in 2008 Sony began work on productizing its own motion controller wand, revisiting the sphere-tracking concept for use with the Play Station Eye, integrating inertial sensors, and refining the device from an engineering and a design perspective.The device was generally well-received by critics, but has not quite met Sony's goals for integration into the market.As with the standard Play Station 3 wireless controllers (Sixaxis, Dual Shock 3), both the main Play Station Move motion controller and the Play Station Move navigation controller use Bluetooth 2.0 and an internal lithium-ion battery).The primary component of Play Station Move, the Play Station Move motion controller, is a wand controller which allows the user to interact with the console through motion and position in front of a Play Station camera.

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However, the accessory adds several extra buttons and controls (via the EXT connector on the base of the Move Motion Controller).Soon after revealing the motion controller to developers, Sony indicated that it was exploring the possibility of using the motion controller in combination with a standard Play Station 3 gamepad, such as having the player use "the motion controller as a sword and use Dual Shock 3 as a shield." One combination control scheme was demonstrated in September 2009 at the Tokyo Game Show for Biohazard 5: Alternative Edition, making particular use of the Dual Shock 3's analog stick.Although users found the setup to work well, some found holding a Dual Shock with one hand to be somewhat awkward.The Move's internal development codename was the "Y-con", so called because three groups - the hardware team in SCEI in Japan, the software engineering team at SCEA, and Sony's Worldwide Studios - worked together to develop the hardware, with the three points of a "Y" indicating the three teams coming together.This was the start of a new form of development at Sony, where hardware had previously been developed separately from software teams and later delivered along with technical documentation for software teams to get to grips with themselves; this move was continued with the development of the Play Station Vita and Play Station 4.

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