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His classmate, Sayuki Kuroda notices his talent, decides to help him find a way to use it properly by enlisting him in her bishoujo game development group.When Buntarou is cornered in the men's bathroom at school by Sayuki, he is surprised when he is asked out on what he thinks is a date, and even further surprised when he finds out that it's not a date, but a job interview.I'll drop the words 'rival eroge group' and you can already have a good guess of where the final episodes go. Kouya can at times feel like Romeo stroking his ego.There's a fair bit of self-referential dialogue (i.e.This issue is also compounded by the lack of any of the insider knowledge and commentary you would expect from someone who has been involved in the industry for over fifteen years.Kouya is a completely banal and sometimes false interpretation of the eroge industry, and it seems Romeo is satisfied with that.It should be said that I had a lot of anticipation for Kouya when the visual novel was first announced a couple years ago.Being the first big project from Romeo in quite some time--- the man responsible for Cross Channel, arguably one of the best and most well-written visual novels-- I had expected something more than the nonsense it actually turned out to be. For a show that is primarily comedy, there being nothing that is actually funny is a bit of an issue.

Please don't tell me this is any indication of Romeo Tanaka's future as a writer.This could have been the eroge equivalent of Shirobako, you know?It's been a while since I've seen such an enormous waste of potential.It seems Romeo may have gotten jealous of Maruto, a fellow, former (? And that normally wouldn't be such a bad thing if it was coming from someone other than Romeo, but the bigger issue is that Kouya is a hot pile of garbage even when compared to something completely run-of-the-mill like Saekano. One could simply write a checklist of all the obnoxious tropes and cliches Kouya is permeated with, and you would get a pretty good idea of how brainless the show can be. (I did, however, laugh at a scene later on in the episode, where Buntarou passes out in the bathtub and is later seen lying on his bed covered in bandages. ) None of the characters are particularly interesting or compelling, and are often defined by a single trait.) VN writer's success with Saekano, and felt the need to also get a piece of the tired 'high schoolers making eroge!! For one, I am getting real sick of anime where the most beautiful girl in school is somehow, for some reason, secretly an otaku, as if only the super attractive and the super ugly can be interested in anime and eroge, while someone like Buntarou, a completely ordinary guy, is presented as the outsider for not being on one of these two extremes. Andou is a fujoshi who thinks everything in the world is gay, Atomu is a misogynist who hates the normies, Yuuka is a whiny brat, and Kuroda is your typical kuudere devoid of feeling or personality.

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