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It measures water flow accurately and will tell you to the litre, how much water you have left in your tanks.The Topargee Water Tank Gauge fits into your existing pipe work and accurately measures the water flow. The added benefits is that you can start to work out your daily water consumption, and plan your trips better.Knowing how much water you have on board can be critical, and it also allows you to plan your trip better and know how long you can stay in one location.Having an accurate water gauge can greatly assist with this.To expand the list based on the series' initial letter, just click on the letter.For example, if you want to watch The Walking Dead, just go to the "T" section and you'll find it there. So go ahead and enjoy your favorite television shows now.

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But it is still critical for us to know how much water we have and how long we can stay in one location. After setting our gauge up, we were able to watch the water flow, and flow it did, as I watched 35 litres disappear in a 5 minute shower.

The unit is installed after the water pump and measures the flow once it goes through.

Once fitted you just enter in the total capacity of your tanks and the device will do the rest for you.

Joey and Sam's engagement is the third to be seen on the show - previously Mark Wright ask Lauren Goodger for her hand in marriage in a pub car park, while Mario Falcone popped the question to Lucy Mecklenburgh on a yacht in Ibiza.

They had dressed in such a way that it was almost like they were treating the event as a dry run for their wedding.

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