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The big screen re-telling of Graysmiths now infamous Yellow Book account of the case was released on DVD format on July 24, 2007.

While this version did not provide any extra material, such as documentaries or even the original film trailer, a second release of a two-disc Directors Cut contained a wealth of special features.

Addled, animated and, at times, unintelligible, Mageau sat before a camera and while he admitted that his recall of events was cloudy at best, he told a new yet familar version of his story.

Similar to the tales told by Darlene Ferrins sister Pam and those presented in Graysmiths book, Mageaus new account featured a mysterious stalker, Darlenes fears that he would kill her, and a high-speed chase that ended at the scene of the shooting.

Despite the efforts of Prior and others, the interviews with those involved in both the case and the production also contained puzzling and problematic statements that created new confusion and minor controversies.

The years had not been kind to fifty-seven year old Michael Mageau.

Retired police officer Donald Fouke once again denied that he and his partner Eric Zelms had stopped the Zodiac on the night of the Stine murder.

Mageaus interview ended with his wish that Darlenes killer would be caught and placed on Death Row, despite the fact that he already identified the killer as Arthur Leigh Allen and that Allen had been dead for over a decade.

The cover of the DVD release boasted that the documentary titled His Name Arthur Leigh Allen offered the truth about the prime suspect - this distinction may have been necessary as the directors cut of the film fictionalized the facts regarding Allen.

In 1971, Allen told police that he may have spoken with his neighbor, an elderly man named William White, upon his return home on the day of the Zodiac attack at Lake Berryessa.

White had died weeks later of heart failure, and his death was attributed to natural causes.

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